About the Painting Process

 Before starting a painting I typically just block the people in to make sure the balance is pleasing and then I start working on their faces. I don't know who is going to show up but as their faces develop it gives me a feeling about the painting which inspires me in what I should do next.  I use some of the same elements in each painting that represent a spiritual meaning that is important to me, such as the ribbon, which I feel represents our connection to each other, our world, and our spiritual world. It represents love, the gift.

Another common symbol I use are two gold blocks representing balance. I also use hummingbirds; a bird that has always fascinated me and I believe to be sometimes loved ones that have passed on, also spiritually they represent inspiration, lightness and joy.   The yellow sun-star I feel, represents energy and life, also yellow has always been one of my favorite colors. The sky's I paint are filled in with golden designs representative of abundance. 

These paintings are my connection to what I like to call source, God or love. Although I don't consider myself a religious person I feel very deeply connected to the divine especially while painting.  The first few paintings I ever did in this style, there was never a thought about how they were connected to anything spiritually until I showed my aunt one and she immediately asked me about the representation of all the symbols. I just thought they looked "nice".  It wasn't until some reflection and observation of myself while painting; such as humming a song with certain lyrics and realizing it pertained to the feeling of what I was painting, that's when I knew I was getting inspired by something deeper. I specifically remember thinking when I first painted the gold blocks and how I felt the painting needed some balance, now I know it to be, yes balance, but representative of balance in life.

Although I have painted several of these paintings in this style, I have never put them "out there" such as on Instagram with other styles of paintings I've done, as they are very personal to me and carry a message some might think of as a bit woo woo. However now I would like to share them and am not shy about what "I feel" they mean. 

I use acrylics because they are the perfect medium for this as they dry quickly therefor I am able to do the many layers in a timely manner.  Sometimes I have to paint out something I feel doesn't work and acrylics give me that option to do so; fast.  I don't mind seeing the "imperfections" of the underpainting as I take it as a reminder that it's okay to change and move forward, to try again; even if it leaves a mark for that is how we learn.

Some people have asked why don't I just do a drawing first. Who knows, maybe in the future I will do that, but anytime I've tried that, with any of my paintings, it seems while in the process of painting that's where the "inspiration" happens and most likely in the end it's nothing even close to the original drawing. 

I have painted in many styles throughout the years and have dabbled in many creative things such as sewing and writing stories all of which have organically prepared me to perfect this style. Each painting is telling a story by the theme and the elements I use. The layering I use in sewing is very similar to the layering process I use in these paintings.  Also, I have done portrait painting throughout my life which also is incorporated into each piece.   It's funny how it sometimes all comes together... who knows maybe it was all part of the plan.